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Zeheera Ali

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Professional English Development & Communication Skills Trainer

Zeheera has 12 years’ experience in coaching English for working adults and 8 years’ experience training English and communication skills to participants in the corporate world. She has coached students who are taking IELTS examination as well as working individuals seeking to improve their spoken and written English. She has also served corporate clients.

Programs and Classes

What I offer

English and Communication Programs

  • Stop Manglish-ing at Workplace! – Techniques to Speak English with the Right Words and Sound
  • Building Confidence and Clarity in English – Techniques to Be Clear as You Speak English
  • Building Proficiency Among Non-Native Speakers – Uncover the Systems of the Mind of Native Speakers
  • Developing Business Writing Competency with S.P.E.E.D – Write Business Documents with Precision
  • Personal Email Coaching Sessions – Get your Email Checked in E-class with Zee
  • Get the Message Across Clearly – Understanding the Reader’s Mind
  • English for Ultra Beginners – Let’s Start with the Basics!
  • English for Intermediate Speakers – Let’s Speak with Confidence!
  • Gain Confidence in Email Writing – Word it Out RIGHT

English Personal Coaching Session

  • IELTS Preparation Classes
  • Cambridge IGCSE English – English as First and Second Language
  • Intermediate English for Daily Communication
  • Beginners English for Daily Communication
  • Business English for Workplace Communication
  • Speaking and Pronunciation Classes – Focus on phonetics

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Zeheera Ali